Sunday, July 1, 2007

How do I do that? (How To posts)

Finding your firmware version
Method #1

  • Make sure the DVR is not recording a program in either tuner, and it won't start recording in the next few minutes.
  • Make sure RF Bypass is turned to OFF
  • Press the Power button on the remote and very quickly press the OK/Select button. This brings up the Diagnostics menu. The Left and Right arrow keys take you in and out of each submenu option. This is a very informative, clean and detailed diagnostics menu. Pictures of this coming later on
  • My current Firmware version is 9.18
    Method #2
  • See the section right below on finding your software version

    Finding your software version
  • This can happen at any time the DVR is in use (except for On-Demand), whether it is recording, playing a recorded program or just the live tuner.
  • Press the [Menu] button on the remote twice or press it once and then the [Home] icon on the bar. It will take you to the main menu.
  • From there, select the [Setup] menu option (does not press the [Setup] button on the remote!) and press OK/Enter
  • Then select the [Cable Box Setup] menu option and press OK/Enter
  • Then go to the fourth menu entry titled [Configuration] and press OK/Select. It will show you a screen titled [Review Configuration]. Do not worry, this is only informational, you cannot change anything here. It shows your software version, firmware version and a few other statistics/configuration options of your DVR
  • My software version is 74.62-3337

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