Sunday, July 1, 2007

Advanced Users (updated 7/29/07)

  • Each buffer takes around 4% of available hard disk space (probably a bit more than 4%). Combined the two buffers take about 8-9% of total hard disk space... The measurements are consistent with the Motorola DVRs, given that they have a bigger hard disk.
  • Power User Tip!. If you are running out of space, you can temporarily "disable" one or both buffers by using this trick: Start a manual music/radio station recording. This returns the buffer space to the recording pool. Music stations take the smallest amount of space... This is only a short term trick to buy you enough time to finish watching programs from the hard disk and then delete them.

    DVR space usage measurements of various channels (analog and digital)
  • Each tuner buffer takes about 4-5% of total hard disk space
  • One hour of network TV channels (ABC, CBS, CW, etc) takes about 2-3% per hour
  • One hour of CSTV or NBA TV is 4% of hard disk space (both digital channels)
  • Three hours of ESPN News takes about 4% of hard disk space
  • Two hours of Fox College Sports are 4-5%
  • One hour of Showtime is about 2%
  • The Live Earth concert, which was a combination of CNBC and Bravo recordings averaged about 2% per hour.
  • A 10-hour recording on VH1 Classic showed a 1.6% per hour of VH1 Classic. Enjoy the music!
  • Fox College Sports average 2.33% per hour (I did a 9-hour test)
  • This box is standard definition, so I obviously do not have any numbers for HDTV channels.
  • You can use the diagnostic menu below to get exact bitrates per program and channel. This is a very time-consuming process, but I may try to do that in the future
  • More estimates coming later

    Having fun with the Diagnostic Menus
  • Check the dedicated post on the diagnostic menus with lots of screenshots.

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